You Are Wrong About Your Thoughts

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Do you still think that the world is controlled by our own thoughts, attitudes and views? You hope that someone will come to you. Then apologize to you, because he knows that he acted against your will?

Their treatment is always kind and makes us happy. There is not a day or even a second without feeling happy and calm. All about the idea of ​​another person or the treatment of another person or an unforgettable event — predictably vanishes in a lifetime.

They by themselves give you the flexibility of living around them? Does it make sense?

Annoying indeed an unforgettable event — guess all the time befall us. However, from here we must realize that this attitude describes us as a child who asks his mother to immediately help him when he falls.

You think everything you believe in really happened to you? To the people around you? You think that the world should submit to you?

No more your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. No more people to piss you off. No more chatty bosses. No longer!

Something are wrong with you.

Indeed, you are not tired of constantly expecting people to understand you?

After all, all of the above was thanks to their control. Not you. Your job is just to control what’s inside of you.

For example, if you want to go to your best friend’s invitation, the ‘no’ that comes to your mind is: “Are A now has a crush on B, right? Or what can I do, so that C will be attracted to me?”.

It’s all just empty, and takes up a lot of time. You drain your energy and mind then, by relying on things that are beyond your control. Something we can never hold on to.

What should be on your mind IS THIS: “What do you want to wear to go there? Do you wear this dress makes me comfortable, doesn’t it? or What time are you ready to wake up tomorrow?” Also if necessary contact your close friends before leaving.

Then it’s more visible, that ‘you are completely in control of the situation’. Not hoping for something that is out of control is also something that is not certain.

Why did that happen to us?

That thought justifies everything. What we profess and believe based on our conscious ability is the answer to our next and ongoing actions.

The thought of constantly ‘making other people understand us’ is also a trap. Because we clearly show our helpless side in dealing with situations ourselves. One thing you should realize, why we act like that. One thing is for sure, that you just need attention.

We all need attention. That’s why social media is a determining line for people to gather, spending a lot of time for attention.

It’s nice to get likes. It’s nice to follow a lot of people (even with people you don’t know). And, other things that make us feel good to be noticed.

A broken home child is an example with characteristics that are very relatable to a person’s ability to be ‘cared for’. The two parents who are separated from each other make a broken home child have no choice whether or not to get the full attention of his parents.

On the bright side, if the child survived and still wants to survive until now. However, the question is what makes the child survive until now?

An escape from temporary pleasure. Drugs, free-sex, alcohol, drunkenness, and so on. Is a form of seeking attention as long as his primary attention needs are not met.

So, what do most people do? Judge them. Punish them. And, acting as the world’s police, that everyone on their side is right.

So, what can we learn from children from broken homes?

Learn your attention needs. Not too much. Not too little.

Attention to yourself is far more important, than seeking attention to those around you. Self-care has long-term and gradual effects.

Feelings of depression and anxiety also arise due to a lack of attention to oneself. Always fall into bad habits. Even though we regret later, but then the day keeps repeating itself.

It looks small. However, it will be very impactful if we continue to ignore it. One small sin will accumulate to a mountain if it continues to be collected.
Get to know yourself. Hold fast to your principles of life. Don’t fall back on bad habits. If you lose, admit that you lost. Repeat again from the beginning until you actually managed to beat him. And, keep fighting until you feel a change and make you proud.




Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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Donny Setiawan

Donny Setiawan

Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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