Writer Block

I am annoyed with my writing. I’m tired of the opportunity to write.

Every time I write, there is always the intention to press the backspace key.

Do I need to remove the button? Or should I keep writing?

It doesn’t matter how bad my writing is. I have to keep writing!

I thought it was ripe.

Writing is my breath. Without writing I lost my life.

None of the lungs receive the oxygen. That’s my body when I don’t write.

Is it necessary to write such beautiful writing? It never occurred to the person

who tried to write it down.

Disjointed every time. The backspace key and personal judgment are everyday sights.

Dear readers. Please humanize a bit to writers like us (as writer). Who hates his ignorance, who judges his helplessness.

Is it still lacking reading material? Are you getting lazy at work? Perhaps still nothing is more important than avoiding dissatisfaction.



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