Working by Flow: Problem Terms in the Creative Industry World

I need to say that work that demands creativity, pours, creates, writes — is a job that demands the life and death of the worker.

The creative world is sometimes the opposite of the material. The creation of creative power arises when we feel there is an emptiness within us, and we make it seem as if the creative mind can cover it.

A writer writes simply because he wants all of his emptiness in this mortal world to be perpetuated — forever.

However, what about work problems that require creative thinking, and require us to create many opportunities to earn income?

‘Working by Flow’ is a term that I named as my feeling as in recent days working in the creative industry world as a content creator.


I need to say, there I spent quite a lot of my ability to create content that (should be) interesting. From: trending, popular, new or hot content, and to copying other people’s work to create targets.

‘Working by Flow’ helps me in deciding what content I should write.

As if I already had an automatic machine in my head, I was quick to work on target, and I had a few days to be proud of myself.


Back again, in fact maintaining it is not as easy as you think. ‘Working by Flow’ can sometimes be lost.

And, by the immense power of nature, I lost again.

My mind went blank, I didn’t know what to write, I didn’t know what to do right then and there.

Sometimes, I have to force myself to work the way I should. Force to work, and come up with creative ideas.

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer screen for a long time, and the results are still there. It’s even worse if I continue the work.

So, I decided to leave my desk, and go somewhere comfortable to calm my head.

Sometimes, the demands of work are always carried away without us realizing it. In the social world, I was dragged into it.

In fact, without realizing it, I forgot to give myself space.

I work too hard, for money, for recognition, for perfection.

I was too selfish, and that’s what I came back for.

Things To Do:

1. Pay attention to time — how much/how often we do distraction (act of withdrawing from a task). The more and longer the distractions, the longer our work will take to complete. So, set the time.
2. Pay attention to quality — sometimes we thank ourselves for what we do. If our work is good, then we will respect ourselves, so that other people will also respect us.


Sometimes being forced to work effectively — pouring creative power — is the problem. ‘Working by Flow’ will not appear if there is no ‘wide and sufficient time’ to develop our ‘idea rhythm’.

On the other hand, creative power will not appear when we do not force it to come out.

Keep working!



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