Why We Romanticize Life

Donny Setiawan
3 min readAug 2, 2022


Photo by Ilya Plakhuta on Unsplash

“There was something missing in that Host a long time ago. All of that bears sweet fruit because of the things about people who have left, the anger that runs out, and the unstoppable hope. Until unknowingly even make the host also act like what happened before. To the people around him, to the times that have been. Make yourself fall into the same circle — inspiration from the past.

The past has come unconditionally. The hosts welcome you with joy. Sorrow ripens and the Host takes care of his guests as he needs them. No one denies. No one took care of the host for a long time. Until at last he can depend on his guest for life — old sorrow.”

Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 on Unsplash

The analogy above is the antithesis or the opposite of the concept of romanticization, namely deromantization. One of the concepts we have embraced since we were still immature. Which states that every human being has the right to have equal affection — in fact not everyone has the same level.

It encourages half-baked human beings to act as they ‘romanize’ themselves with the people or things around them. Driven from the bitterness of the past which can become himself even more bitter in the future. Like spreading the same bitterness — the same degree. The feeling of injustice that had been experienced became thick in the future.

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Let’s talk about today. Not to deny tomorrow. Not to mention yesterday. We are now. We are today. A moment of a pandemic that has sunk nearly three years. Many things are missing. Many things also come. I believe many of the people we knew before the pandemic after have completely changed. Every human being changes. More personally.

There are many things to tell. About today. About yesterday. Also for tomorrow. Until one day it occurred to us: Let’s forget about wanting to be liked. About compliments. About hope. Even things that are often denied. About anger. About failure.

For today, stop for a moment when you feel tired enough. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Humans are more valuable to other humans. There is always a story to be told. Don’t argue. Also don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a world where humans are wrong. It would be more wrong for him to keep asking about the unrequited feelings in the past.

Why do we like to romanticize life? Because not all humans have and are endowed with something worthy. Every human being has his own level. Why do we like to romanticize life? Maybe at that time we were only half-baked humans, who only looked through our own glasses — which must have different levels from other humans.***