The Syndrome B+ Student

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I’m having trouble finding a learning method.

My head has been pounding lately. He chirps as if to say: “What is an effective learning method like!? Or do I really not have the capacity?”

Getting A’s is very difficult. Although I often get A-, and even then the result of pity for the lecturer (or even most of the students), my bad thoughts.

How stupid and lazy am I? or I just put myself too high, to the point that when the final score appears and I still get a B+, I spontaneously convulse (not really mean).

Or is this just the impact of the B+ syndrome, who is envious of students with called: A Straight Student.

I think I’ve learned enough. Take notes and organize which courses are being taught at that time. However, still the same result: B+.

The B+ often comes out, and it is the lecturer’s habit to give final grades in each semester.

Or have these lecturers knowing my abilities or capacities? Do lecturers really have the ability to see beyond limits their students?

Or have I not proven myself enough? Is there still a chance?

The final semester was just around the corner, and I, with an ambition for knowledge, pressed it hard. That, lately I haven’t learned enough.

And, I must be able to master my fields of knowledge, with the knowledge that I achieve of course.

If necessary, self-taught. Learn until you forget to eat, forget to sleep, forget friends.

Because, I can’t necessarily continue my studies to a higher level. Hopefully this article can be useful in the future. For people who have ambition in life, who are still fighting for the better, keep fighting!




Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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Donny Setiawan

Donny Setiawan

Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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