Stay For a While

Today’s realization is yesterday’s dream.

Yesterday is our regret today.

Why are we never truly fully alive in this day?

We always think about the day, when something will come later, that’s what we think about today.

We are never completely calm about this day.

We never really live in this day.

This day never existed, nor is it present as it should be.

Hear the sound of the birds chirping.

Hear them neighbors speak from behind their walls.

Hear the most distant roars, or even things we’ve never noticed in detail before.

The world would be very peaceful if we really had nothing in our heads.

The things we planned.

The things we worry about.

Stay for a while today. Forget it and put them a few minutes. Whatever it is, what we hold to be a tragedy; or as a comedy. Being completely innocent isn’t so awful. So, don’t be afraid to lose your power in this life.

In fact, this life will continue to exist, as long as there are people who are busy with their daily lives.

Stay. Even the smallest things can be seen beautifully.



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