Signs that God is Always With Us

Donny Setiawan
4 min readDec 14, 2023
Photo by rashid khreiss on Unsplash

Maybe sometimes we question, where is God?

Maybe sometimes we doubt the presence of God within us.

The proof is, we always neglect to carry out or ignore his orders.

As a Muslim, perhaps you only pray at Maghrib time or only during Friday prayers. Or just never do Friday prayers.

Sometimes, we claim to be religious. However, on the other hand, we also show doubts in carrying out His commands.

Yes, it is true that we always neglect to carry out His commands. Doubt His presence. That is why we continue to feel unfulfilled in carrying out our worship. Always feel like there is something empty within us.

We might do worship, yes, because it’s an obligation, right?

We may carry out worship without ever asking, why am I doing it, right?

We may assume a passive routine without wanting to be fully present and without wanting to get to know this ‘ruling figure’.

Why do we worship? For Muslims, why do you have to pray five times a day? Why should you stay away from His prohibitions? Why should you read the Koran as a guide to life? Why?

The more we are careless, the more we doubt the presence of God within us.

The more we doubt, the more distant our relationship with the God figure within us becomes.

The further the relationship, the more arrogant we become.

Because the characteristic of an arrogant person is someone who doesn’t want to know who God is. Because he feels that he is the one who knows everything and has power over him. For him, God is just an accessory that religions use to follow their traditions.

Maybe we were careless. Maybe, we are like people who don’t know God ourselves. Maybe, we never realize why we were created. Maybe, we are indeed negligent and sinful creatures.

Maybe, we know that hell is a place of pain. Maybe, we know that heaven is the most beautiful place. Perhaps, that is the basic reason why humans perform worship. Without wanting to know who God is.

Signs that God is Always With Us

Humans live in the world not alone.

In reality, there are indeed other creatures that live side by side with us. You name it, invisible creatures.

Yes, as people who are devoted to religion, of course we all agree and believe that these invisible creatures exist.

True, but do you really believe and believe that? But, why have you never seen it in person?

That is a sign of the greatness of God who has given this universe. The earth for Him is just a speck of the universe that he created.

What power can there be for someone who is truly far from God? How disadvantaged he was by that fact. That, the earth which for us is vast, in God’s eyes is just a speck of the universe.

So, are there any other universes? Yes. God is all-powerful and all-knowing for His creatures.

Our lives are indeed fulfilled. Everything is easy to find. Money gives us a home, it feeds us, it gives us pleasure. Time gives us a sense of satisfaction.

The world is very sufficient for our lives. Everything is there.

But, remember. Among the many pleasures we experience every day, there are always things that don’t please us.

Feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration, fear, pride, envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction, everything. Things that make us afraid.

That is a sign of the greatness of God who has given this universe. The earth for Him is just a speck of the universe that he created.

Do you realize why we are suddenly struck by disaster or things that are unpleasant for us? For example, your life is calm, everything is sufficient, your family is intact, or your health is always maintained but suddenly your neighbors, whom you know well, suddenly gossip and comment on you or even your life or your healthy family. ?

Do you realize why suddenly there are people who don’t like you and always try to make you feel wronged?

Do you realize why people you know are fine suddenly distance themselves from you? Hostile to you?

Who do we blame? Us? Or, yes, they are clearly the ones we blame. Because they did bad things to us. And we automatically defend ourselves by fighting back, right?

Yes, do bad things to them again!

It’s ironic to know that. Because we humans do not live alone on this earth, is it natural for us to have these thoughts?

Yes No. Or don’t do it.

Remember, that God always has a way of showing Himself to us. Maybe we never see the physical form in our eyes. But, God is the Creator of Everything and All-Knowing of His creatures.

God shows us who we are, in a gentle and loving way.

God shows us with events that grace us. Feeling happy, happy, fulfilled, healthy is His gift.

God also shows us the events that happen to us, such as being talked about by people, not being liked, hated, shunned, hostile, and all kinds of things.

Are we not aware of all that?

Maybe God wants to push us in a better direction. Maybe God wants to make us aware so that we continue to move amidst a feeling of enough.

God is always there for us, so be grateful because without God’s presence, what a loss creatures would be.***