Life Are Complex? Read this!

You must have met people whose lives were filled with emotions. Anger or the scope of their daily life. When you see them, you will definitely feel irritated, because they are easily provoked.

In fact, what was in their minds to make them like they are today?

### 1. Work

Work is the most important problem for humans who are thirsty for needs. What’s more, with humans who are still or will be printed in the community.

1.1 Students for example, are designed from an early age to meet the needs of the world of work. However, what happens if a person needs education to get a high-paying job, while acquiring knowledge in education costs money? That statement is more like a vicious circle isn’t it?

1.2 It is not surprising that these students are willing to spend time, close themselves, dealing with the books on their desks. The goal is one: Straight A — A term that is often used for students who often get consecutive A’s.

1.3 After they graduate with the ‘value on paper’ capital that was later mentioned, they need a job position that matches their interests. Different fate, for students who previously did not get very good grades.

1.4 With his bad luck in the world of work, making people who are less fortunate become the butt of the social environment. Not only was it an insult in his head, but the world seemed to be whipping a part of his body very hard.

1.5 Social inequality is also unavoidable. For the humans who have got their position continue to maintain their position at the top. Meanwhile, those who are ‘already’ at the bottom, can’t help but accept worldly agreements. Thanks to their education that is not in line with the demands of the world, while the vicious circle of money engulfs them.

### 2. Aspirations

From this aspiration was born the desire to enter the realm of education. From there he learned how to look for pieces of knowledge from his ideals. Maybe he studies hard again for a bright future, he keeps thinking about the burden of grades and work. Maybe for most students who study at the same time work.

The fate of time that has been imposed on humans, as time goes by, the more mature humans are, the more demands move them compulsively. For those who seek knowledge who are too focused on themselves, it is difficult to deal with their psychological needs as social beings and their world of love.

### 3. Couple

3.1 Early humans used to conflict with each other to defend their territory by protecting their female species. The goal is one, to maintain the cycle of reproduction.

2.1 Usually modern humans until now, especially young people, who have just felt the vibration of the presence of other humans in their lives think that distress is very fundamental to their problems.

2.2 Adolescents are like a generation with a new face that is clearly visible on the expanse of the world. Not surprisingly, there are many demands that they want to achieve according to their wishes, which makes most feel confused about the image of their ideal partner.

2.3a Distress can also be used as sub-sub, such as psychological and material. Psychologically it makes them ‘fear of being left by someone’ or even ‘fear of not belonging to anyone’. This is a vicious circle again. When they are afraid of not belonging to anyone, he is also afraid of being left behind.

2.3b In terms of material, they are more concerned about their physical appearance. For teenagers who have financial difficulties, they must have experienced the problems at the beginning. Bad grades, difficulty working, then penetrates into their self-confidence and their love affairs.

2.4 The failure of their first love as a teenager makes it difficult for them to make decisions when they are growing up, plus it is difficult to find a partner due to past trauma.

Regarding the concept of “Mindset” and its influence on the success or failure of a person depends on the environment and habits.

1. The environment as a child, parenting, and education and habits are fundamental issues about a person’s “Mindset”, even when they are about to move from adolescence.
2. People who are successful both materially and personally are the fruit of a good “Mindset”. And, a good “mindset” doesn’t grow from bad habits and environments.

Then, how to change a bad “Mindset” in the midst of a bad environment, habits, and trauma?

Solution on paper:

  1. Personal Upgrade.
  2. Change habits and lifestyle.
  3. Selection selects the environment.

From a human who wants to explain the problem, it can be said that he is actually doing philosophy.

1. Then with the continuous presence of problems that befall humans, the more thoughts about themselves and their surroundings, new knowledge will be born about them.
2. If people agree, that the way humans view the problem is the problem itself. So it is important for the person to (1) monitor his or her mindset, (2) pay more attention to the environment, and (3) think consciously of what he or she is thinking.

When I am angry with the world, for what is in it. I run to write. Even if you still don’t get what you want to achieve, even a job or a dream or a partner, don’t ever forget to write! Goodluck.



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