I Get Angry When I Write

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The problem within me is a very serious problem, and no human being can understand. Twenty-three years ago I was born on earth. And it was only now that I felt a distorted turmoil within me.

Like every day is a battle, while other people seem to realize the fight seems to emerge from behind this increasingly sweaty face. No wonder they easily call ‘this one kid’ always looking tired. Tired of fighting against himself. Exhausting. Until time directs it.”

The article contains the inability and at the same time the deepest resignation. A puddle that completely erodes the body.

“I can’t take it anymore. Catch up on the long distance. I better get back to tidying myself up. Charge up so you can walk again. Even though the destination is a place that can never be stepped on. Energy can still think that as long as he walks he will come to places other than the places he has visited. However, the more he lags behind.”

“Am I giving up? Has the journey come to an end, and the energy to continue it has completely disappeared? I speak to myself. Where else will the mind take? Everywhere is like an upheaval for one’s own body.”***



Student of Indonesian Education & Literature Department.

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