Don’t Focus Too Much On Your Opponent’s Movement

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How much pressure do you face when you find progress made by others. They got better jobs. They got a beautiful couple.

How many times have we felt useless. Feeling worthless while the people around you are happier.

This is revolution! It’s time to say to yourself:

I do not care!

Are you tired of living like this?

Are you tired of constantly putting yourself down?

That’s actually good! Signs you have sensitivity to yourself. Feeling vulnerable to your own feelings is a sign that you really know yourself.

Because, where else are you running but to yourself?

Seeking recognition from others is sometimes not the solution. In fact, it’s completely useless. They don’t care, they are always looking after themselves.

Likewise, you should act in this way. Why are you tired of thinking other people will act, when you don’t think about anything but yourself.

Yeah, maybe we’re weird. Maybe we’re not like them. But, that’s who you really are.

Humans are created diverse in this world. What’s the goal? To get to know each other. In order to be able to take lessons from human to human.

I consider myself strange.

I’m a loner. I’m not slang. In fact, at the age of 17, I still can’t ride a motorbike while my friends can ride it.

I’ve never dated. I do not smoke. And, I always panic when I have to deal with a lot of people. I’m even a crybaby.

Is there anyone who wants to be friends with me? Oh yes. One more. Besides that, I am also a very secretive person. So it’s no wonder I’m always far behind my friends my age.

But, the proverbial sages say:

Everyone has their own time. Like a wheel that keeps turning. Sometimes we are under it, sometimes we feel the spin and are on the opposite side.

It’s all about the concept of time.

Time is moving forward. Not the other way around. It’s just us who choose. Want to come and leave, or continue to stay at the same time, the same experience.

How to be yourself in the midst of a crisis of identity?

Many things happen when we fall in love.

He can continue to imagine it in every place, space, and time. So are the various ways that we can date him, right away.

You watch him often, see him often, even hearing his name makes all the hairs on your body shudder.

Not infrequently also annoyed or irritated if in the midst of interest in him you find what he likes. Different to you.

Shouldn’t you be happy too? Because that’s what makes your crush happy.

No. That’s not the point.

You found another person’s photo. An idol he longed for. Let’s call it the figure he idolized.

You become curious, so curious. How can he like, yes, with this person You notice every curve that is in that person, and even you unconsciously exclaim:

If this is what he likes. At least, I have to be like him.

Unfortunately the incident started when you were still in the stage of being curious about him.

You remodel yourself. Fiddling with things that never existed before in you.
You’re dizzy here and there, so that he notices you. You are easily misled.

One more thing, you don’t like yourself anymore who are ‘not made’ like that person. It could be that you are feeling a crisis about your identity.

Wish I Know This

It’s hard when we are always and always guided by our emotions. Like someone is controlling us without us knowing it.

And, when we realize that we have just lost in our beating emotions, we must be upset. Upset, and upset if what we want has not been given until now.

You worry about everything.

Defects in Logic

In the chessboard game there is a logic term in the chessboard game.

Slanted logic regarding the chessboard game. It could be something else, but this time it’s more focused on the problem of losing focus. Also still has to do with the way we make logic.

Too focused on the opponent’s movement can also make us lose in initiating in cornering the opponent. Call it, we always play defensively. Move according to the opponent’s movement so that we are not discreet.

However, the question is ‘when do we attack the enemy king?’

I agree, that the chessboard game also affects one’s self-worth.

The nature of defeat in a person also affects how he behaves. How he is treated by the people around him.

The nature of defeat is also a flaw in logic. If we know who we are and we know how we should behave, focusing too much on loving others is also a handicap in acting.

It is not enough for us to love ourselves if we are still focused on making other people happy.

While they love themselves and are happy, what about you? Who should love you other than yourself?




Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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Donny Setiawan

Donny Setiawan

Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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