Closed Attitude Is Just Confinement To Yourself

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

Why? Because we always think that something that is not visible or that is hidden is a terrible thing.

Imagine a lion who is locked up in a bar or a special place every day, it can be closed or open.

But, those two things are terrible right?

Something terrible is always placed in a special place; Likewise with fear.

If we continue to think that people we have never met or interacted with before, it’s terrible for us.

Just like a lion in a cage above.

Don’t we want to waste time just on a lion who is in a cage every day? Until then, he will remain in that cage.

Until one day the cage keeper opened it.

Then, what happens to us next?

Be the keeper of the cage!

If we continue to put ourselves in the audience or even a lion, our vision and control still have limits.

Like the spectators or visitors at the zoo. What did they think when they first saw a lion in the cage?

Must be looking at a terrible beast!

They must have hoped that the animal would not escape, and if they did, they would be afraid of losing their lives.

Their other thoughts were to wish they were always away from the beast.

Then, what does that have to do with us?

It’s different again if we become cage keeper, who may even in his actions seem don’t care.

But isn’t that what we really need? Don’t care!

The cage keeper who fed the lion. They are watching for 24 hours. Those who were available at any time released the lion from the cage.

That attitude should be in us.

We are completely in control of everything, even in the (according to people) scary things.

Wouldn’t it be happier if you weren’t in that cage? Be a cage keeper!

Indeed, their work seems to be in a subordinate position, rather than those who work in offices, whose lives are safe. However, what is the power if we get a position at the top, but are not able to control what should be below them?




Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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Donny Setiawan

Donny Setiawan

Student of Indonesian Education Department.

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