4 Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself

In fact, why are there still so many people who don’t have the job they want?

Donny Setiawan
3 min readApr 17, 2022
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4 Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself — Both Men-Women, Adults-Teenagers, Old-Young, Rich-Poor all need work. Well, to get a certain job, you have to fulfill the requirement of ‘minimum 1 year’s work’, while you have never worked. Then what should you be able to do?

Opportunities to work in a job you are passionate about may be easier if you have experience in that position before, but what about those who don’t have experience?

Sounds like the anecdote ‘chicken or egg first?’ *Nonsense*! Instead of bothering with wasting your time with regrets about not getting those calls, it’s the right step for you to seek talent IMMEDIATELY and build a commitment to ‘making your job’.

1. Don’t Have High Expectations of Other People’s Dreams

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Don’t have high expectations for where you are currently working (whether you are already employed or not, the point is ‘Don’t Put High Expectations on Other People’s Dreams!’)

Why don’t you work full time for yourself? You don’t have to worry about the decisions other people make at your place of work, do you?

Decrease in income from work, overtime, or other activities that should not be done.

When you want a little pampering time, behind your clock, bosses are waiting for when can you get back to work for them’, while you are not allowed to run away from them.

2. ‘Enjoy’ While Working

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If we work with other people, we will often feel burdened by mistakes that sometimes cost us. For example, the thought of being fired may often haunt employees. That’s why we choose to work for ourselves. Because, our time and emotions will be more useful if they are used to build dreams, and not other people’s dreams!

3. Dream Call

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For those of you who have a personality that is quite ambitious. Surely, it has ‘become daily of the dinner’ to not feel at home sitting on the success of others. It is better to go out to obey the call of one’s dream than to submit to the call of someone else’s dream. Because for them time is a guide that will determine how far they go to achieve their dream.

You have the principle ‘This calling is not about pursuing material things, but rather a process for self-improvement that goes hand in hand with work’.

4. Independent

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Not constrained by how much time (duration) you have to work. Working for your dream is just the opposite. You alone determine and have complete control over your time.

Assume the things above can avoid us from being responsible for the burden that will be received later. The concept of ‘Successful’ and ‘Failed’ is a phenomenon that is already prominent in society, to the point that it has spread to the realm of the terms ‘The Employee’ and ‘The Unemployed’.

There are many ways to make money, but it comes back to certain parties who want to take which path. Working for his dream or would you rather be a nobody in someone else’s dream?

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